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Short History of Integrated Business Concept (R)
Eva Szentmiklossy CEO Co-Founder  of Quality Web Consultant Team

In 1996 when I had possibility to join the 'Net I started my concept to focus on Online Marketing Services with my knowledge People Worldwide - using the extraordinary power of reaching
People Online, Coaching, Teaching, Promoting them to start their own business.
The tools and possibilities explored and had more experiences,
to select ways to follow my dreams.
The more knowledge we have the hard to select the Real Good Tools.
Millions of Offers and ways to our Best Team, Community to work with to realize more success in our own business helping others
to reach their own business success ... 
I found my way to use the best system for Team Building and promoting :  My best Is - Veretekk V2 System's Gold and Platinum

My best Website Building and Business Success improving system
in One Place is SBI!

My Team Coaching, Consulting Places : Vereconference Online Room

We keep Consulting Hours in our Gold VereConference Rooms to our downline, Team and Community Members 7/24/365.

My Best and most economic way to keep People informed with the
best state of art video system in the best prices is Iwowwe -
Video Conferences and Video Emails system.

These above mentioned main streams in my Quality Web Consultant Team Business concept are the mostly Focused Systems from my all activities.

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Eva Szentmiklossy CEO, Co-Founder,
Quality Web Consultant Team Founded in 2010
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