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Eva Szentmiklossy CEO, Consultant
Eva Szentmiklossy CEO
Goran B Edstrom CEO, Consultant
Goran B Edstrom CEO
Nancy Anderson CEO, Consultant
Nancy Anderson CEO
Marc Bertels, CEO, Consultant
Marc Bertels CEO
Heiko Closhen, CEO, Consultant
Heiko Closhen CEO
Wolfgang Radbruch Consultant
Wolfgang Radbruch CEO
Pawel Nietyksza, CEO, Consultant
Pawel  Nietyksza CEO
Istvan Turo Consultant
Turo Istvan CEO
Plamen Stoyanov, CEO, Consultant
Plamen Stoyanov CEO

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Wallace Johnson CEO
Andy Cummings CEO
Andy Cummings  CEO
, CEO, Consultant
Roy Revill   CEO

Pauline Tatevossian, CEO, Consultant
Pauline Tatevossian CEO
Matkovics Ferenc  Consultant
Matkovics Ferenc Consultant
Katonka Lajos Consultant
Katonka Lajos  Consultant

Aziz Basry Consultant
Aziz Basry

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Note: "The Cube" is the abstract nemesis of the work from home entrepreneur - and for this campaign, he also has eyes and a mouth...

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